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Our Photos
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Our family

Our Family 2020

Our Fur Babies

new sign

This is our crew...all of our fur babies.
from left to right...Smokey Bear, Willow, Ginger laying down, Binky, DiOGi, Mia, Bailee

Our new sign for our front door area. Bought it from Esty.

Our Family

Grandma with her babies

All 4 of our grandchildren. Riley, Jace, Aubree & Trinity. (Top photo).
We are SO BLESSED, we have 4 beautiful grandchildren. Aubree, Trinity, Jace, Riley

Aubree & Jace

Jace- 4 months

Big sister, Aubree with her little brother, Jace Derrick.

Riley & Trinity

What a big boy now!

Riley & Trinity. Riley just turned 4 and Trinity is 10 months old.

The Porter Family

Riley William Porter

Our son, Billy with his son, RIley.

Porter/Dover Family

Trinity Hope Dover

Our daughter, Jennifer with her family, John and Trinity.

Our grandchildren

Grandma & grandchildren

Another picture of our precious grandchildren. Picture taken 9/4/10.

Aubree on her 4-wheeler

Riley, Jennifer, Aubree Halloween 2009

Cool Riley!

Happy 1st Birthday, Riley!

Aunt Jenn & Riley

Riley swimming @ grandma's house

Riley & Billy (our son)

Aubree & Riley

Our grandaughter- Aubree

Our grandson - Riley

Grandma and Trinity

John, Jennifer and Trinity

Our newest granddaughter, Trinity Hope born November 19, 2009. A precious gift from GOD! Thank you.



Aubree holding Cami.


Riley & Aubree

Aubree & Riley like to play dress up @ grandma's house.

Aubree on Easter


Our two grandchildren have grown some too. Aubree is 4 1/2 yrs old. Riley is 2 1/2 yrs. old.

Chad, Billy, Jennifer

Jennifer & John

Our children have grown up!

Chad Our youngest- turns 21!

Chad & Lisa celebrating

CELEBRATING!......Chad turned 21!

Our beach vacation 7/07

Riley & Jennifer

Jennifer & Billy

Jennifer & John



Email: Sandra Porter
Florida  33584


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