Porters Bailee Girl
Sire: Stolich’s Snickers
Dam: CG
Whelped: April 10 , 2005

Bailee Now

Bailee as a puppy


Bailee is our second schnauzer we bought in July, 2005.
Thank you Toni Stolich from Tomball, TX
Bailee has had MANY healthy puppies. She is liver color and she weighs 10 lbs.

Pedigree of “Porters Bailee Girl”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Stolich’s Snickers     


Weaver’s Count of Montague

 Waltmon’s Countrysingn Brooks
Baker’s Red Maple
Dream Weavers Cup of Coco Weavers Deppen in Chocolate
Weaver’s Parti Girl



Waltmon’s Country Singn Jackson Waltmon’s Countrysingn Brooks
Rocky Creek’s Lovey Dovey
Music Maker’s Cinamon Swirl Music Maker’s Parti Pongo
Baker’s Red Maple

Gallery for Porters Bailee Girl

Bailee what she looks like today! She is a sweet heart! She is a good mother!
Bailee is retired, she had her last litter on Valentine’s Day 2013. She turned 8 years old in April.


This is OUR QUEEN BEE, BAILEE! She is in charge! anybody that is anyone, may it have two legs or 4 legs, they know she is in charge! She is a very sweet Texas girl. She loves her belly rubbed and when she has had a enough she gets down and goes to lay somewhere else. She loves to watch for lizards and squirrels in the back yard. She lets them know when they are on her turf!
She loves to take care of her puppies and she is an excellent Mommy! She usually has 3 -4 pups in a litter with them being different colors and usually are small like her, most of the time.
She & Lil’Bit both had a litter in July, 2011 a total of 8 puppies. So we will be skipping this heat. So the next time we will have a litter of puppies sometime next summer. Keep checking back.