Smokey Bear Porter
Sire: The Boss From Georgia
Dam: Rebels Little Milly
Whelped: October 18, 2005


Smokey today!

Smokey has fathered two litters with Bailee, for a total of 6 healthy puppies.
He is now nuetered.

Pedigree of “Smokey Bear Porter”

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The Boss From Georgia     


Lover Boy Bryant

 Buck’s Chocolate Bufford
Buck’s Cocoa Parti Brittanie
Waltmon’s Beanie Baby Daisy Baker’s High Shaman
Buck’s Parti Blotches


Rebels Little Milly

Buck’s Bouncing Star Beamer Buck’s Count Bubble Bouncer
Charna Dars Lone Cloud Starr
Buck’s Millennium Hopes Buck’s Black and White Buckshot
Locks Majestic Emperoress

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Our Smokey Bear! How he looks today!



This is Smokey, we bought him after we lost Bandit (In Loving Memory).
He is a half brother to Bandit. He turned out to be the size of a miniature schnauzer. Smokey weighs 13 lbs. & his height is 12 1/2 inches. He is the sweetest dog! With beautiful brown eyes! Smokey has a deep bark and sometimes has been mistaken as an aggressive dog, he’s NOT by far. He is very easy going, laid back dog that anyone could ask for. You can do just about anything to him and he lets you. Smokey is just eager to please you. He maybe big—- but he is a momma’s boy! But, don’t tell him that!