DiOGi (De OGee)
Sire: Brutus
Dam: Gary’sToy Chocolate Dakota
Whelped: January 6, 2009

Our new puppy!

Our Sweet DiOGi!

Our Newest Addition to our 4 – legged family— DiOGi ( De OGee). I flew out on April 22,2009, to pick him up. We bought him from the same breeder we bought Buster from: Gary & Evelyn Edwards from IN. He is black & Silver Parti and only 5 lbs! He is a sweetie!

Pedigree of “DiOGi (De OGee)”

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SDH Boot-N-Scoot

 Waltmon’s Texas Two Step
Kali VI
Music Maker’s Lucy N Disguise Blair’s Casper in Disguise
Alpat Blairs’ Lady Godiva


Gary’sToy Chocolate Dakota

Fritz’s Tugger Fritz’s Sam Houston
Fritz’s Choc Chip
Terri’s River Charles Hershey Brown
Kerr’s Little Lady Dot

Gallery for DiOGi (De OGee)


Our new future: STUD MUFFIN! DiOGi.


Our new puppy—DiOGi

How cute is our new addition?! DiOGi is our future stud muffin!