Our Grandkids 2020

Our Grandkids are growing up. This is 4 out of 7 grand kids this was taken in June 2020.
Anna Maria Island, FL
Riley, Savanna, Aubrey and Trinity. Missing are Chad Jr, Aubree and Jace.

Our Family 2020

Our family as of today in 2020. Our youngest grandson, Chad Jr turned 2 in June and our oldest granddaughter will be 16 at the end of August. We go to the beach every summer together for a week. This is when this photo was taken. We have so much fun together on our beach week. Our 2 nieces and her daughter joined us this year. I am truly blessed in so many ways! Tell your family you LOVE them every day, no one is promised tomorrow.

My grandson Riley with FedEx Jr. & Big Boy

Jennifer with Hauss

Aubree with the puppies from the first litter

Sandy with Big Boy

All my puppies are CKC registered. I have a small operation, my puppies are born and raised in our home. They are taken to the vet for the first time between 3-5 days old for tail docking and de-claw removed. I currently own 6 schnauzers. The puppies are well socialized for they are around our other dogs, my grandchildren and my older children. They are HELD, SPOILED, PAMPERED,LOVED and PLAYED with daily. I want the transition from my home into yours to be as smooth as it can possibly be for the puppy. They are with their mother 24/7 for the first couple of weeks, gradually the mother begins leaving them for longer intervals. After the puppies start getting their teeth in around 3-4 weeks old. I start them on moisten puppy food. The puppy needs to be eating totally on his own before I let them leave. It is usually around 8 weeks of age. There is no guarantee on that age, it could be older, it is up to me the breeder to make that decision.

DEPOSITS: Before placing a deposit on my puppies, PLEASE READ MY SALES AGREEMENT/ HEALTH GUARANTEE. By placing a deposit and buying a puppy you agree to the terms of my SALES AGREEMENT.
I only accept deposits after the puppies are born.
No puppy will be held without a deposit.
THE DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE! Because life happens! If you can’t take a puppy for some reason, I am not going to force you to or keep your money. I am not that desperate to sell a puppy!
NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR FINAL PAYMENT. Please understand that this is not a personal reflection on you, but a guard against those who are not so honest.
I offer a referral program: For every referral that you send my way and they buy a puppy from me, you will get $25.00. MAKE SURE THEY GIVE ME YOUR NAME AND NUMBER.