In Loving Memory

Our Buster Brown

6-21-2007 –  7-5-2016


Our Hauss.  In Loving Memory of Hauss

9-26-2006 / 8-1-2019.

We missed all of you very much.




In Loving Memory of Lil`Bit she and Hauss were siblings from our very first litter when we started in 2006. Smokey and Bailee are their parents. We had sold her to a family with 3 small children, but they returned her a short time later because she was dog and too much to handle for the mom with 3 small children. I had red flags when the family came over to meet her but with it being my first litter, I wanted to see the litter go to a good family I let it pass. Never again did I ignore red flags! My husband said we were keeping Lil`Bit and what a blessing she was for our family! She was the sweetest, loving dog! She had so many beautiful litters of puppies for us.
She was my husbands man! LOL how she loved her daddy and she let everyone know it. R.I.P our sweet Lil`Bit until we meet again, I am taking good care of your daddy.



In Loving Memory of Hauss. 9-26-2006/ 8-1-2019
We miss our little man!


In loving Memory

Our Sweet Digit

We had to put her down yesterday 9-16-08. She turned 16 years old in May. Her kidneys had started to fail over the summer, she was living with a half of a working kidney. She developed a tumor on the outside of her body and it started to spread. She wasn’t eating much at all, some days she wouldn’t eat at all. Digit started not recongized were she was and how to get from one point to another. Over this past weekend she found it hard to use the bathroom.
It was a very hard decision for us to make, but it came time to where we had to make it.
We bought her when she was 7 months old from the local pound. She was the best dog, she got along with all of our other dogs and puppies. She loved to go for car rides anywhere, any distance! As long as she had her blanket that came with her from the pound! She loved her blanket!!!
We will miss her very much. Until we meet again, Digit Dog! I hope that you and Bandit have fun playing together in heaven.

Sire: The Boss From Georgia
Dam: Holloways Black Mercedes Toy
Whelped: August 15, 2004

Our Precious Bandit

Our handsome Bandit


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The Boss From Georgia     


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Holloways Black Mercedes Toy

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