Toy Schnauzers




This little guy--- Bambi. He is really a sweet puppy! He is playful and gets along with all my dogs. He likes his tummy rubbed. He is laid back like his daddy, Buster! He will just roll over onto his back if I am wiping his paws off from being outside, Buster does the same thing. I estimate his weight to be around 12- 13 lbs. which if he is 13 lbs is considered a mini schnauzer. I would keep him myself,because he is so sweet, but Buster is the only schnauzer I have that isn't related to everybody else in my four legged family! If I kept him, then I would have to get another female to breed with him, and I REALLY don't think I could TALK my husband into a SIXTH schnauzer! I usually get my way----- BUT I don't think I would this time. Also, we are running out of room in our KING SIZE bed! Do they make a bigger bed?

This litter I have great little pups! They love playing outside with one another and with the older big dogs! We have doggie doors they use any and everytime they want to go outside. They have had some accidents in the house, but for the most part they go outside.
They are so sweet and playful. My grand children love playing with and loving on them. I think every kid should grow up with a dog. Why not a schnauzer? They are wonderful family pets, they are protectors, they don't shed and they are smart animals.

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